Weight Loss Over 40 With Extremely Low Carb Diet

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Weight Loss Over Forty

It’s no surprise why many people find it hard to lose weight upon reaching the age of 40. Unlike when you were in your 20s and 30s when you can eat anything and at anytime you want, being forty years old and above can bring about several factors that can make weight loss seem like an impossible thing. Indeed, when considering weight loss over 40, you just don’t think about hormonal changes alone. Keep in mind that metabolism also slows down as you age. You need to have a solid plan, perhaps a good diet that will cater not only to your body but also nutritional needs.

The reason why low carb diet is beneficial for weight loss over 40 years of age is that people within this age bracket start to experience several medical conditions such as diabetes and obesity. As a transition phase towards menopause and andropause, men and women generally experience weight gain due to hormonal imbalance. A variety of medical conditions may also appear and can be managed by losing weight.

How a low carb diet works for weight loss over 40 is simple. As a dieter, you need to restrict most carbs into your diet. Some even start with no carbs at all, then gradually increasing the allowed number of carbohydrates into your meals. This means you may not have breads, pasta and other grains into your plate for a time. Your meal should contain around 20% of carbohydrates and other food source should come from proteins and fats.

The restrictions of low carb diets vary according to different plans. Ketogenic diet for example, a form of a very low carb diet, suggests that you should only consume 5-10% of carbohydrates a day. Other low carb diets may also suggest that you help yourself to any protein and fatty foods as long as you adhere to the number of carbs that you’re allowed to take.

For people over 40, a low carb diet can help them lose weight. Since low carbohydrates consumption means lower insulin level, the body is able to burn the fat stored in the body and use it as the body’s main fuel. Through this, stubborn fat and belly bulges can finally be removed. Consequently, losing weight will lead you to feeling lighter and you will find significant improvements in several health conditions and your over-all health in general.

As with other diets, a low carb diet works for weight loss over 40, or any other age for that matter, if you follow certain tips. For one, it is important to keep track of the carbohydrates you eat through writing them down. Do not also prohibit yourself from eating fruits and vegetables even when you’re on a low carb diet. However, it is best to stick to nonstarchy vegetables and fruits rich in fiber to further speed up your metabolism. You also don’t have to patronize any alternative packaged product labeled as “no carb” or “low carb” since most of these are from manufacturers jumping on the low carb craze. You can always get ample amount of low carb foods from natural and whole foods.

Lastly, a low carb diet will work as a tool for weight loss over 40 if you integrate exercise into your program. The diet in itself is effective, however, you should not aspire with losing the pounds alone but also keep them at bay and maintain a healthy weight by following a program that can work for the long-term. After all, cardio exercises and strengthening can still be done beyond 40’s.


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