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Take Your Health and Fitness to the Next Level with Lifetrak Brite R450

Lifetrak Brite R450 has truly redefined health and fitness. It is now no longer a once- in-a -day activity. Lifetrak Brite R450 is helping people track how healthy and fit they are every minute of the day. More than any other time in history, people are taking serious steps towards healthier living. That is why Lifetrak is such a necessary addition to the world of healthy living and fitness.

The fitness watch enables you to track your activities, your energy levels, your mood, your heart rate and even the environment around you to give you customized information of the state of your health. Of cause this is in addition to doing all the things that a smart watch is supposed to do: notifying you of incoming calls, text messages, emails and news alerts. This way, no key moment in the lives of people that matter most to you can pass without your knowledge. The watch connects to your smart phone and tablet devices that are Bluetooth Smart enabled *.

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It is true to say that Lifetrak has taken fitness tracking to a whole new level. The fitness smart watch is there every minute of each day ensuring that your daily transitions are carefully evaluated to determine the impact that those activities have on your health. Several features make this possible:

1. LightTrak
This feature measures your light exposure level. Throughout the day, it is constantly tracking blue wavelength. The information it gathers tracking this melanopsin-sensitive wavelength will be used to inform you whether you are getting enough of the blue light or whether your exposure to it is more than the appropriate levels. This way, you can effectively do something about improving your energy levels as well as your mood during the day. Through this mood and energy adjustments, LightTrak will have helped you prepare for a better and rest-filled night.

The Effects of Blue Light on Your Mood and Sleep

Lights of different colors affect the body in different ways. Blue light affects the mind and plays a role in your mood at that given time of your daytime. It has been found that blue light is a key player in the human brain’s ability and effectiveness in processing emotions. It also improves your alertness and the performance of your mind.

While exposure to blue light during the day is beneficial, such an exposure is disruptive during the night. With all the electronics you have in your house, including your energy-saving lighting, this exposure can exceed the recommended levels. LightTrak tracks all these and informs you so that you can make the necessary changes to ensure your sleep is not disrupted.

2. SleepTrak II
This is a feature that automatically tracks your sleeping and waking up. It achieves this by analyzing micro movements and other vital routine elements. Through this feature, Lifetrak Brite R450 is able to detect the exact time you fell asleep and the exact time you woke up. In addition, the fitness smart watch determines the quality of the sleep you had and how long you were asleep, all without the need to press any single button. SleepTrakII is able to determine when you are adequately rested and, a vibration alert goes off gently to awaken you. You are bound to feel fresh using this advanced feature of the Lifetrak Brite R450 smart watch.

3. ECG Accurate Heart Rate
This is a heart rate monitor that accurately displays the rate at which your heart is beating when you press the heart rate button. You will not need a chest strap to determine your heart rate as you would be required to do when you use a typical fitness tracker. Knowing your heart rate will assist you in accurately determining how your body is burning calories so that you can optimize your health and fitness activities.

4. All-day activity tracking
Lifetrak Brite R450 has a pedometer that keeps count of your steps. It has the ability to tell whether you are running or walking or even whether you are swimming. It has enhanced filtering that is able to detect and not record a false step.

Using a special algorithm that takes into account the heart rate and activity level, the Brite R450 automatically monitor the calories you burn all day long

5. Fitness Records
The fitness smart watch keeps all your data of the last seven days. Instantly view daily progress and review hourly and weekly data. You can therefore compare your fitness activities from one day of the week to another. It has a simplified display with three buttons controlling its navigation system. Every day at mid-night, parameters of the day are automatically reset. It is also connected to a smartphone where you can store your data of the past weeks to review in the long term. With just one button push, you can transfer this data to your smartphone or tablet.

6. Lifertrak App*
Store all your data withe the free Lifetrak App, get deeper insight and view long term trends. Transfer data from the Brite R450 to your compatible Smartphone and tablets with just a push of a button.

7. Waterproof
This smart watch is waterproof. You can submerge it up to 90feet without any water ruining its functionality. This allows you to also monitor your swimming. It equates a single water stroke to 5 steps on land because swimming is more demanding than walking. The waterproof feature of Lifetrak Brite R450 also allows you to keep the watch on your wrist all day long, even when you are taking a shower.

8. Long Battery Life
Lifetrak Brite R450 has a long battery life. You also will never need to recharge it. You can buy it and wear it for a year without ever having to recharge it or change its battery.

9. Customizable ComfortFit Bands
The smart watch’s ComfortFit bands have been designed to allow for reversing and interchanging them to fit your personal preference. You can also choose from a variety of colors for what suits your personality.

Start your journey of losing weight, sleeping better, improving your energy levels, and understanding your environment in relation to your health by acquiring this smart device. Lifetrak Brite R450 is a fitness smart watch in a class of its own, bound to enjoy years of success. It is a smart watch that anyone serious with their health and fitness must buy. If you intend to take your healthy living to the next level, if you wish to monitor your progress, and if you seriously want results of those activities, LifeTrak Brite R450 is the watch to buy.

*Compatible with:
iOS 7 and up devices: iPhone 4S, 5 series;6 series iPad 4; iPad Air; iPad Mini, Retina; iPod Touch 5. Read more review about Lifetrak products here.

Lifetrak Brite R450 order


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