Will Carb Cycling Help Me To Become Muscular and Lean?

muscular and lean


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Definitely. Carb cycling when done correctly is one of the best ways to trim off the fat and retain your muscle mass. Many men are constantly looking for a way to burn off fat and gain muscle at the same time.

Carb cycling is the answer. The worry that most men have is that they will lose muscle mass along with their fat. This is true with conventional dieting and other fat loss methods. However, since carb cycling involves both caloric deficit and surplus, you will be able to do both, gain muscle and lose fat.

The traditional way bodybuilders used to get muscular was to have a bulking and cutting phase. During the bulking phase, they would eat as much calories as possible. They’d get muscular but they’d also get fat. During the cutting phase, they’d try and lose the fat and hold on to as much muscle as they could. Often, they lose a lot of muscle too. A waste of time and effort.

Carb cycling enables one to do both at once. There are 2 phases to carb cycling. The low carb phase and the high carb phase. On days of intense, heavy training, you will have a high carb intake. This will ensure that your body has fuel to workout hard. You will also allow your body to recover since the carbs will be used in muscle recovery.

During your off days, your carb intake will be minimal. This will ensure that your insulin levels are stable. The caloric deficit that you are in will create a fat burning environment in your body. You can also consume healthy fats during your off days.

It is never a good idea to eat your carbs and fats at the same time. The carbs will cause insulin spike in your body. If there are fats present during the insulin spike, the conditions for fat storage in the body are ideal. You definitely want to avoid this.

On your high carb days, you want your workouts to be intense and heavy. Lift the heavier weights, perform the compound movements and create an oxygen deficit. Your workouts should ideally last from 45 minutes to not longer than an hour.

On your low carb days, you may engage in low intensity cardio such as slow jog or walk. This will keep your body active and in fat burning mode constantly.
The key point to note is that your weekly calorie intake must be maintained. If you can only consume 16, 000 calories per week to lose a pound of fat per week, you’ll need to stick to this number.

Then assuming you have 3 intense workout days per week, your daily calorie intake during each of these 3 days will be about 300 to 600 calories more than a low carb day.

This may seem a little complicated but it’s really simple once you get the hang of it. Going into details is beyond the scope of this article. There is an excellent website dedicated to carb cycling and how you can get lean and muscular. If you wish to learn more about carb cycling, you may visit The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website.


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