The Lifetrak R420 Zone Fitness Tracker Review

The Lifetrak Fitness Tracker Review

The Lifetrak R420 Zone is a new all in one fitness tracker of the Lifetrak series. It has 24-hour fitness trackers that leverage physiological monitoring technology found in chest straps, cardio-equipment and heart rate monitors as well as 3rd party wearables R&D done for NASA. It has also incorporated a Lifetrak app which helps you monitor your fitness levels. Lifetrak has developed a couple of models such as; The Lifetrak Core C210, C300, Lifetrak Brite R450, Lifetrak Zone C410 and its newest model the Lifetrak Zone R420.
Get to the heart of your fitness with LifeTrak.

What It Offers You

R420 zone saleMost of the lifetrak models have similar features such as their heart rate monitors, steps, distance plus clear-cut automatic sleep monitoring,blue tooth compatibility and their infamous long lasting batteries. They provide all day, all night monitoring and long-term data storage creating tracker harmony.

The Lifetrak Zone R420 is the newest model. The intrigue behind this model is the added features which have improved the whole fitness and health experience. It unites all the tools required to enhance your wellbeing. Its main features include;

  • ECG Accurate Heart Rate Finger Touch

This provides its customers with flexibility to monitor their heart rate throughout the day (via finger touch) and accurately tracks their heart rate during workouts (via chest belt).

  • Continuous heart rate via BLE chest belt

It is the first dual heart rate monitor in the Zone line to offer a sleek new round look and chest strap connectivity through Bluetooth.

  • Heart rate zone analysis, Automatic Sleep Tracking and Track Calories burned.

In addition to its impressive heart rate monitoring accuracy, the Zone R420 fitness features step, distance, calorie and sleep tracking.

  • App Compatibility

Customers can easily track progress and performance over time since the model connects to the smartphone or tablet through the Lifetrak app available on iOs and Android, and it is also compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit Apps. For a customer looking for a fitness tracker to grow with them as their fitness level and health improves. The Zone R420 is the perfect fit since it is accurate, accessible and easy to use.

  • Water resistant and long lasting battery

It is water resistant up to 30m (90 feet) hence you don’t have to worry about it getting into contact with water. Another amazing feature in the Zone R420 fitness monitor is its long lasting battery that never needs recharging (The battery life depends on the usage level, it can last for around 6 ~ 1 year for light usage)

  • Reversible and Interchangeable Comfort fit band.

It has interchangeable bands with different available colors. This allows one to monitor their health in style. This new model features an updated design for the zone series, with a sleek round case. It also comes with a reversible silicone comfort wristband.


The Lifetrak R420 fitness tracker is competent and relatively inexpensive (compared to other trackers). With its Lifetrak App, it has modernized and made the whole fitness experience user-friendly and super easy to use. With its three buttons it’s also very easy to use. Its large variety of models leaves you spoilt for choice. It gives you an opportunity to choose whichever model works for your fitness and heart health goals. The Zone R420 is the best complement and will connect with Lifetrak ZOOM which will be released sometime in Summer to provide continuous heart rate monitoring. Get to the heart of your fitness with LifeTrak.

Lifetrak R420 Zone can also be connected with any compatible bluetooth smart chest strap. The best recommended chest bells that work well with R420 are Polar, Wahoo any many other brands.

Please read our review on the Polar H7 and Wahoo BLUE HR chest strap for more information.

Lifetrak R420 sale


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