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There are several wonderful foods that show up at Christmas time. You probably will have multiple days that have parties and eating big meals. It can be really difficult to be around all those things that you shouldn’t be eating. It’s okay though because you can deal with the holidays and still feel great. All you need is some positive thinking and practice.

Practice is not normally associated with eating right, but it makes sense. When you practice something over and over it gets easier and can become a habit. You should practice saying no. Saying no is really difficult and most people don’t realize that it is a skill that can be learned. You should practice saying no to bad food.

You should start small and practice saying no to a small item. You could start by saying no to making a dessert for a Christmas party. You could tell them that you will make a healthy snack for everyone instead. Most people won’t have a problem with it and will still be glad that you are bringing food. This little step will help you realize how much control you have over your decisions. You can succeed and take control of your choices even when someone else doesn’t present a good option.

The second best thing to do for the Christmas holidays is to bring your own food. It might not be the fun thing to do, but it is the best choice. You can be discrete if you feel awkward, but you shouldn’t have any problems putting food on your plate and socializing. Preventing yourself from dealing with all the temptations at a party will go much better when you eat some of your food just before you walk into the party. Your body will already have food and you won’t need to eat all the things at the party.

You go to parties to socialize, not to eat. Take your own food so that you can eat right and still have fun. People will respect you putting your health a priority and probably even be a little jealous.

Changing your mindset to put your health first is very important. In these two examples, you’re putting yourself first before food at parties. You’re real friends will support you and help you to take the best care of yourself. You shouldn’t feel awkward or negatively about choosing to take care of yourself. Now go enjoy the Christmas holidays.


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