Is Carb Cycling Suitable For Women?

carb cycling for women


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There are several misconceptions about fitness, fat loss and resistance training. Women often consider resistance training a ‘man thing’? Grunting and lifting heavy weights if for huge, smelly and muscly guys. Similarly, other concepts such as carb cycling is for men while fad diets at the local health store, are better for women is quite prevalent.

Infomercials on television also target women specifically for certain special products that are more effective for women, or diets that are better for women, etc. All this has led to the belief that women and men need to do different things for weight loss. Men will hit the weights while women will join group dance or kickboxing classes, etc.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to weight loss, the same principles apply to men and women. Caloric deficits, a good carb cycling plan, resistance training and a reasonable amount of cardio will be equally beneficial to both sexes.

Resistance training has the same benefits for women as it does for men. They will get more toned and look better. No amount of cardio can give a woman the healthy, lean and toned look that resistance training can. There is no need to worry that a woman will get too muscular. Men themselves struggle to gain mass. What a woman will get is a lean, healthy and shapely body. So, resistance training is good.

Next is cardio. That’s great for both sexes too. However, you do not want to overdo it. Fat loss can be achieved without hours of mind numbing cardio. Sure, cardio is essential for cardiovascular health and it does have fat burning effects. However, most of the fat will be lost through carb cycling and resistance training.

This is why women should start adopting carb cycling as a way of life in order to shed the excess fat and stay slim. It may sound like a big concept with the word cycling in it. Almost similar to words like ‘Stacking’ and ‘Hypertrophy’. However, carb cycling is a really simple concept.

You just consume a diet low in carbs for a few days and then follow it up with a high carb day. That’s it. If you do it correctly, you will find yourself losing weight surely and steadily without suffering too much. Of course, there will be some sacrifices involved. You will not be able to eat processed carbs on most days, and even on a high carb day, it is recommended to stick to clean carbs.

Many women have difficulty with this since they love sweet foods like chocolates, cake and candy. However, if you have the determination to minimize the consumption of these foods and adopt a carb cycling diet, you will see rapid fat loss and look gorgeous.

There are women from all over the world who have reaped the benefits of carb cycling. You can see their testimonials at The 4 Cycle website. It is dedicated to carb cycling and losing weight without resorting to crazy methods. This is a sustainable way to keep the pounds off and keep you looking great without driving you insane. You definitely will benefit from the tips at The 4 Cycle Solution.


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