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How to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

There some times when you need to eat some sugar. Luckily, there are several ways that you can take care of this on the Paleo diet without ever eating something that’s not a part of it. You can make all sorts of desserts once you learn the basics. How creative you want to be is up to you. You can make something simple like fruit and honey or you can create something really special like baked figs with raisins and walnuts. You have several choices and all of them are good. How great is that?

Eating fruit is one of the best ways to eat something sweet without eating bad. You can also use fruit as something to eat at anytime. After you’ve been eating on the Paleo diet for a long time, you won’t have the same cravings, but until you’re there, eat fruit. Eat all the fruit you want to help your cravings go away. Until you get over your sugar addiction, eat all the fruit you can. You’ll eventually start to bridge out and eat more vegetables and less fruit, but that will come later.

Chocolate is a natural product and you can eat dark chocolate because it is less processed. Honey is also another good sweetener to use. You don’t want to go crazy, but you can make brownies, pies, and cakes with several other ingredients. Instead of using flour, you use ground nuts. Almond flour is the most common, but coconut flour works very well too. You can make several normal looking desserts that taste great without any wheat.

Make your own popsicles. These are really easy to make and you can keep them in the freezer all year round. These have very few ingredients and can be mixed with fruit and fruit juice to be sweet. These are great for all the summer months plus any time you just need to take care of your cravings.

One more great trick is to mix salty and sweet. Salt will bring out the sweetness in many products so you can use it to make a slightly sweet fruit taste more sweet. You can mix a little salt with some honey and put it over fruit to make your own creations that will make you look like a gourmet chef.

By taking care of your sweet tooth in a smart way, you’re going to do better at staying on the right diet. You’ll also feel great about eating something sweet because you know that you’re not cheating or doing something bad.


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