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Poof activity tracker

Keeping track of pets activity not only helps to protect them, but it is also plays a vital role of keeping them healthy. Poof activity tracker is a device that comes in two shapes. The spill shaped option known as the bean that is rechargeable. The round shaped option known as the pea that runs for about six months on a battery.

The device is normally attached to the pet collar. It allows you to monitor their health, and motion through the poof app. The poof pet tracker helps to monitor your pet’s activity and separates that into 3 categories (high, moderate and light).

It also monitors your pets rest and separates into the categories (deep, light and wake). The poof app will then take this information and convert it to a score that you can utilize to monitor your pet’s trend and activity. Poof pet activity trackerThe device is waterproof and has long battery life. The main aim of poof pea activity tracker is provide a holistic view of your pet’s well-being.


1. Lightweight

One amazing feature that gives poof pea activity tracker an upper hand over other tracking devices is its lightweight feature. The activity tracker is one of the smallest pet tracking device available on the market today. This feature is very important because it does not affect your pets comfort. In fact, your pet will not even realize that it is holding something on its neck because of its lightweight nature.

2. Free poof app

The gadget bean and peas trackers will have to pair with a free poof app for iOS and android. According to the manufacturer, the device will help track your pet progress and trend and with time, it will even make recommendations on exercise, food servings as well as calories that your pet needs to burn.

To move the data to the app, all that you need to do is to hold your smartphone next to the poof. The download will only take 10 seconds to complete. Once the download is complete, the app will show you a detailed information from sleep and overall exercises to actual time when this things happened.

The app will categorize activities as high, medium or low. Just like another fitness tracking system, poof activity tracker has a history graph that shows your pet’s progress and if it is on the right track or not. The food recommendation engine, will enable you search through the food database to get recommendations on how much you should feed your pet based on its activity.

The poof app also allows you to get social. For instance, you can post photos and texts which will show up on the apps news feed and friends can comment on your pets photo and you can also comment on theirs.

3. Monitors your pets activities

Poof pea activity tracker will monitor all your pet’s activities. This include, calories burned, sleep as well as exercise regimen of your pet. This helps you to know the current health status of your pet as well what you need to do to improve its health.

4. It alerts the community if your pet get lost

Are you scared of what you will do if you pet get lost? If yes then poof activity tracker is what you need to buy. This device has a feature that allows you to alert the community if your pet get lost. In addition to that, if you pet gets lost then appear near someone who is also using the poof app, you will get notification immediately. In addition to that, you will also get the location where your lost pet is and the contact of the person who found your pet. This means you can communicate with the person to see if they can take care of your pet until you can come to pick it up.

5. It is compatible with iOS devices

The poof app is compatible with IOS devices that uses 4.0 Bluetooth as well as any device that uses iOS 8 or higher. In addition to that, it is also compatible with android devices that runs on 4.0 Bluetooth and smartphone that operate on android 5.0 or higher. Most smartphone use android and iOS meaning that this this gadget give users the convenience that they really need.

6. Waterproof

Unlike other tracking device that get damage when exposed to wet conditions. The Poof activity tracker is water proof meaning that you don’t have to worry about the device getting damage when it starts raining while you pet is outdoor. You also don’t have to limit your pet because of fear that the device will get damaged become of exposure to water.

7. Ease to install

Installing this devise is very simple. All that you have to do after opening the box is to install the battery on the pea (or charge if it is the bean). The next step is to pop the gadget around the pet and attach it to the collar. Download the Poof app either from app store or Google play, then follow few steps including answering questions such as your pets breed, age and name.

It is very important that you answer the question asked correctly, because it will determine the amount of exercises your pet need to do in order to stay healthy, as well as the amount of calories that needs to be burned. This gadget will collect data as long as it is on your pet. This means that you don’t have to worry if you are not around, or if you forget monitoring the data because all the information will be stored on the device.

In conclusion, if you care about the well-being of your pet, then you need to buy a poof activity tracker. It will comprehensively monitor all your pet’s activity, and give you recommendations. This will help you improve the overall well-being of your pet. If you are looking for high quality poof bean, or pea activity tracker, then we have the best offers for you.

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