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burn fat with Carb Depletion


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One of the major reasons people do not reach their full potential when it comes to fat loss is due to a broken metabolism. Most people are not even aware that they have a broken metabolism.

So what causes a broken metabolism?

Inconsistent weight loss attempts, an unhealthy diet, yo-yo dieting, very low calorie diets, etc. are just a few ways to affect your metabolism negatively. Once this happens, your body will NOT lose weight easily and it will seem like a real uphill struggle just to lose the extra pounds.
If your body is not working with you, then it’s working against you. Why?

Simple. You will only lose weight and see a visible difference in your body if your body burns its fat stores for energy. It needs to use your fat as fuel.
However, with a broken metabolism the body constantly burns food and sugars as a primary energy source. When this happens, your fat loss progress is stagnant. You can’t lose weight if your body will not access its fat stores.

This can be very depressing and demotivating.

There is a way to heal and fix the body’s metabolic process. Shaun Hadsall, recommended an excellent way to deplete all the carbs in your body so that it immediately accesses its fat stores for fuel. You can see the complete method at his website, The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution.

The whole carb depletion plan lasts a week and during this one week, carbs will be kept to a bare minimum. You will be consuming mostly proteins and fats from certain specific foods. Shaun goes into much greater detail about how to combine these macro nutrients and what times to consume them.

For example, you never want to consume a carb and a fat at the same time. This creates the highest potential for fat storage. Most people are not aware of this and sabotage their efforts without even knowing it. Knowledge is the key to success and without sufficient knowledge, you抣l probably fail or not reach your full potential.

When your body is depleted of carbs, usually your insulin levels will be stable and low. This is ideal for fat loss. Your body cannot burn fat if the blood sugar is high and there are high levels of insulin in the body.

Shaun’s method puts the body in fat burning mode in the shortest period of time. The week of carb depletion is not easy. It takes discipline and determination. However, once you have crossed the 1 week, you will be dropping the fat so fast you’ll be amazed.

Carb depletion is definitely a method anybody serious about dieting should consider. The exact details, nutrient timings and food combinations are essential information for you to deplete your carbs effectively.

Your best source of information is Shaun’s website. Going into the details is beyond the scope of this article. So, if you wish to fix your body’s broken metabolism and burn fat faster, visit The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website and learn how to do it.


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