Water drinking effect in disease prevention, weight loss and extraordinary beauty

Water drinking effect


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Water drinking effect

The autumn and winter are soon arrived, the high incidence of the cold season, doctors told people to drink plenty of water, because water is the best prevention of colds, rhinitis medicine.
Not only that, many medical studies have shown that regular drinking water has many benefits to the human body, which combines prevention, health, beauty in one of mankind’s best drinks, and even survey data show that drinking boiled water triggers longevity genes.

Start longevity genes by drink boiled water

Recently, the internet spread of the latest U.S. News Network summarizes survey data on longevity, longevity need to draw two magic elements: exercise and drinking water. Report indicates that only drink boiled water starts longevity genes.

In the case of without any physical exercise, if one does not drink any carbonated drinks and juices within 6 months, the weight can be decreased by 7.7Lbs (3.5 kilograms) only drinking pure water. Johns Hopkins University researchers found reducing a cup of sugary drinks a day; you can make the body burn calories more efficiently. Drinking only water gains significant health benefits and activates longevity gene function.

Boiled water can prevent colds, and rhinitis

Not only boiled water can prevent colds! Autumn and winter weather getting cold; it’s easy to get colds, rhinitis, and upper respiratory tract infections. So how can we do to prevent colds during the cold season? The doctors told people to drink a lot of boiled water.

Why drinking water can prevent colds rhinitis? specialist explained: boiled water into the body, not only to quench their thirst, but also promote metabolism, regulating body temperature, transport nutrients, clean internal environment and so on, but also to maintain the body adequate water and electrolyte balance, remove toxins from the body through the urine. People who regularly drink boiled water, the body dehydrogenase activity high, muscle lactate accumulation less, and helping to prevent colds.

Boiled water can prevent many diseases

Drinking water not only can prevent colds, there are many benefits to the human body; it is a great recipe of prevention and treatment of various diseases.

The United States had done research of 48,000 people for as long as 10 years, found that daily water intake and bladder cancer risk are inversely proportional to the prevalence. 2500 ml of water to drink every day comparing with those who drink relatively less (1300 ml), the prevalence of bladder cancer risk fell by almost half. For colorectal cancer, adenomatous polyps and other studies have similar findings.

Another study found the risk of coronary heart disease mortality dropped significantly for drinking five or more glasses of water comparing to two glasses of water or less; 41% down for women and men fall 54%. This phenomenon is limited to drink water only. While drinking coffee, tea, juice, etc. seem to increase the risk of death from coronary heart disease.

Nutritionists recommend, drinking a glass of warm boiled water in the morning before breakfast has an important role and hundred of beneficial rather than harmful. This can effectively complement the physiological dehydration caused by lack of moisture, but also reduce blood viscosity, accelerate blood circulation, improve fecally , urine and other metabolic wastes rapid discharge, obstruction to prevent brain, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, angina and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as urinary stones, urinary tract infections and other diseases.

The health effects of drinking water

Most of the human body is composed of water molecules, water accounts for 50% to 70 weight%, for example, 80% aqueous muscles, the brain water content 75%. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that water can keep the body functioning properly – helps regulate body temperature, so that the knee protected by a buffer to protect the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, through perspiration, urination rid of waste. We can see the water on human health care is extremely essential.

Prevent constipation: constipation in Chinese medicine, one of the reasons is the lack of body fluid. Gulps of drink, swallow faster, so that the water reaching the intestines as soon as possible, fluid quickly added, thereby stimulating peristalsis and promote defecation.

Fat Loss: drink a cup of water before and after a meal. “fat” magazine published a study showed that: adult dieters who drink water before meals for 12 weeks, compared with people who do not drink before a meal loose weight faster.

Many human body chemical reactions happen in the “water”. With enough water, it ensures the regular operation of the body’s metabolism. For obese people, you can drink a small cup of water half an hour before a meal to increase satiety, and drink a glass of water half an hour after a meal to strengthen the body’s digestive function, this will prevent fat accumulation.

Detoxification: Many people have heard drinking a glass of water in the morning is good for the body, some people drink salt water? Some people drink honey water? Some people drink lemonade for whitening? In the end what kind of water is the best? Nutritionists say that the body after a night of metabolism, the body waste requires a strong external role in helping to excrete, no sugar and no added nutrients boiled water is the best choice. If sugar or nutrients added into the water, which takes time to convert, unable to play the role of rapid erosion of the body. So, early in the morning glass of water is the best detox recipe.

“Water of Life”: a glass of water before going to bed, for people who have heart disease, called the “Water of Life.” Myocardial infarction and other diseases are caused by high blood viscosity. When a person asleep, because sweating, the body’s water loss, resulting in a reduction of water in the blood, blood viscosity becomes high. However, if you drink a glass of water before going to bed, it can reduce blood viscosity, reduce the risk of heart attack.

Depression reduction: When a person feels pain irritability, the adrenaline will soar while adrenaline is often called “painful hormone.” But it can also be the same as other toxins excreted, one way is to drink more water, and supplemented by manual labor, adrenaline discharged together in conjunction with sweat, or cry, it will be with the lacrimal gland, so it eases the pressure pain.

Correct water drinking

Department of Health has done a survey, 1/3 of adults drink less than 6 cups of water a day. U.S. “Water Health” website says that when people feel thirsty, your body has lost at least 1% of moisture. Therefore, medical experts suggest that people should form a good habit of drinking and urination, drinking water once every hour, every 2-3 hours to urinate again.

So, is more water the better?

Nutritionists said people should drink in moderation; more is not better. In addition, how much water a person should drink a day related to the temperature, age, metabolic rate and other factors, the average should be 4% of the total body weight. One gallon of water weighs 10 lbs. In addition, the foods eaten daily are required to dissolved in water to digest, so the amount of water also in light of the intake of calories, 1000 calories intake per 1 more lit of water. In general, A healthy people need 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day (including water in food).



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