8 common uses of Chia seeds surprisingly effective

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What you want to know about Chia seeds

If you have an open bag of Chia seeds but do not know what to do with it, do not worry, in this article, We will introduce the best way to eat chia as well as the accompanying benefits when you Add Chia to your diet.

Chia seeds are light in flavor, so you can combine them into any dish without having to worry about the seeds that What you want to know about Chia seeds affect the original taste of the food.

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When you do not know how to use Chia seeds, the lightness of the Chia seeds can make you feel unattractive, do not like to use, but read through the use of Chia seeds below you will find yourself wasting if not using it.

The advantage that Chia seeds give you

Despite being small in size, but when combined with a healthy balanced diet, the chia seeds give you plenty of essential nutrients and health benefits.

The seed contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids necessary for cardiovascular, brain and nervous system health as well as helping to maintain soft skin. Omega 3 is also capable of inflammation.

It is a good source of fiber, so eating Chia at breakfast helps you feel refreshed throughout the day. This is why many dieters often eat Chia to help them limit their intake of food during the day. Fiber also helps to keep your digestive system healthy.

Chia seeds are the best option to provide protein to vegetarians

The combination of healthy fats, proteins, and fiber in the chia seeds makes them relatively slow to digest, providing a gradual supply of energy to maintain a stable blood glucose level.
In summary, these are the basic things and benefits of Chia you need to grasp:
• High fiber, protein,
• The Seeds are rich in antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and potassium.
• The seeds are rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

The best ways to use chia seeds:

If you do not know how to prepare the delicious dishes to use, even the seeds have good nutrition as such, but the light taste of chia makes it difficult to persevere.
These are the best nutritious recipes for you.

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1. Sprinkle with nutmeg on breakfast, oatmeal or cereal for breakfast

Chia breakfast

To make breakfast rich and nutritious, many people often sprinkle Chia seed on cups of oatmeal, cereal or breakfast cereal.

Add a small handful of nutritious seeds and berries like raspberries, blueberries and you have one full breakfast.
This is how many people have a healthy lifestyle.

2. Add the seeds to the smoothie

Chia seeds smoothie

The healthy smoothie is often high in vitamins and minerals, you add protein to it by adding 1 tablespoon of chia to the glass to sip.

3. Enjoy the Chia seeds in pudding

Chia seeds in pudding

Thanks to the water absorption and swell, chia seeds are the perfect choice for making pudding.

All you need to do is soak the seeds overnight in the milk, you can add more cinnamon powder, cocoa powder then refrigerate overnight.

In the morning you can eat with fruit or yogurt.

4. Add seeds to yogurt

Chia seeds in yogurt

This is a quick way to have a nutritious dish that tastes great. You only need to add 1 tablespoon of chia seed to a glass of yogurt, combine a little fruit or cinnamon powder above to add flavor.

5. Sprinkle the seeds into the salad

Chia seeds in salad

Seeds are commendable in any salad because they do not break the taste but add nutrition.
So combine the seeds with your favorite salad.

6. Add Chia seeds to the muffins and bread

Chia seeds breadThe seeds are used by the vegetarian as a perfect substitute for eggs, so the seeds can be added to baked goods or bread to add fiber and protein.

7. Make healthy Chia seeds jams

Chia seeds jams

To make a healthy, low-sugar jam, simply combine crushed berries, Chia and some sweeteners such as honey. Then let the seeds soak in the self-sufficiency jam hatch.

When you have jams, you can add it to toast, Chia pudding or fruit salad, yogurt, cereal for breakfast.
This is also the preferred way of consuming Chia seeds in the Western countries.

8. Make a Chia Fresca

Chia fresca

If you’re always on the move or need some extra energy during a stressful workout, try fresco fondue, a popular beverage in Mexico.

Simply mix the seeds into water (or coconut water) add favorite things like lemon, or cucumber.

So with so many recipes for you, hopefully, you will not feel so tedious when using chia every day.

For your health please remember to use the seeds often. If you know how to make chia more interesting please share your recipe with us here.

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