Two Top Running Shoes For 2013 For Men And Women

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Running Shoes For Men And Women

A thing about people crazy for fitness is that they also fall for the new things hitting the market with a bang. They will not waste a second to spend huge money on the very best and the most expensive to satisfy their necessity. The same thing goes for people’s choice with running shoes. Of course, all shoes are designed to fit a runner and they only vary from their sleek design and the cushioning (and the price, of course). But one important thing to note is that the shoes’ capability to prevent future injuries.

With the running season coming close, people will begin searching for the right shoes to represent them. Although running is an all year-sport, there are just months that are better than the other, primarily due to weather conditions. Here are 4 top running shoes for 2012 that have become bestsellers in their own rights.


1. Asics Gel-Nimbus 14 T241N Men’s

A lot of people in the internet gave the Asics Gel-Nimbus 14 positive reviews and other runners also think that they are the best running shoes in 2013. The Gel-Nimbus 14’s sleek and light properties provides stable cushioning and stability for the runner. The pairs are good for almost every type of foot. The downside is that they are not recommended for flat footed people. On the average, it’s about $140.

2. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 12

This is the 12th version of this type of shoe and it only keeps on getting better. People like these shoes because of the fit and the breathability. The shoes also offer friction resistance heel and a crash plate for improved protection. The downside is that it feels a little stiff and there is just too much cushioning. As one of the top running shoes for 2012, you can buy a pair for only $110.


3. Nike Air Max+

Women will run on air with these shoes on and runners thought of this as the best running shoes in 2012 for the ladies. Nike Air Max+ is not only a durable shoe but it is constructed to eliminate seams and gives that amazing “fit” feeling when you wear it. You’ll be running with wings with these shoes on. The downside is that it is a little expensive for $170.

4. Addidas Adistar Ride 4W

Another fit that is second to none. The Adidas Adistar is durable and features a technology that adapts to the ground to give you that comfortable run. It is designed for serious runners. The downside is that they don’t look appealing to women. You can buy a pair for $145.

People flock for these shoes. There are a number of great choices as far as running shoes are concerned, but these 4 top them all as far as running shoes for 2012 are concerned. Now that 2013 running season is around the corner, many runners from all over the world are just impatiently prepping up for smooth, pleasing runs this season. Regardless if they are beginners, advanced or otherwise, the top running shoes for 2012 can be somebody’s buddy if he or she’s looking for a great reference.


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