Pros And Cons Of High Protein Shakes In Losing Weight

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High Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

The number of obese people worldwide is becoming more alarming every year. Attributed to unhealthy eating habits and inactive lifestyle, obesity-related disorders also continue to rise. Furthermore, battling off unwanted pounds is not just a fight among dangerously obese people. Even those who see themselves as a little fat and those athletes and body builders who continually check the scales are in the same fierce battle. Nowadays though, meal replacement shakes have become a popular means to supplement the body with essential nutrients without feeling hungry. High protein shakes in particular are being widely used for its several known benefits.

High protein shakes are powdered products that is  mixed with water or milk. It is shaken so the texture thickens. A dieter may drink a protein shake as a replacement for two of his meals daily. Some body builders also drink these products to repair torn and damaged muscles while working out. In weight loss, high protein shakes have become part of a dieter’s arsenal because it is considered as relatively safer than weight loss surgeries and pills.

However, protein shakes have their share of risks and benefits. Carefully consider the following pros and cons of these products before adding protein shakes into your diet.

Pros of High Protein Shakes

  • High protein shakes can help you feel fuller longer. Most protein shakes do not just contain protein, they are also full of other vitamins and minerals needed by the body to ensure good nutrition. It also has dietary fiber that can induce feelings of satiety.
  • They enhance the calorie burning of our muscles. This is the main reason why athletes and muscle builders love protein shakes. The more proteins there are in the body, the better metabolism that takes place in the muscles. And just because this metabolic process did not occur in the liver doesn’t mean it is not counted for weight loss. The muscles?ability to burn calories mean leaner muscles and lesser fats.

Cons of High Protein Shakes

  • The main disadvantage of a high protein shake is that they can pose serious and minor side effects. Several studies reveal that excessive drinking of protein shakes can cause kidney stones. Other side effects are digestive problems, allergies, hair loss, acne, gout and many more.
  • Some protein shakes may also contain trace metals that when accumulated, may also cause several health problems.
  • Some protein shakes also tend to be very expensive whereas you can still get enough protein from your regular meals.

In order to supply the body with the right amount of protein, protein shakes can be a good choice. However, you should also take into consideration that while these products are concentrated and pre-mixed, using them incorrectly or over consuming them may pose more health damage than benefits.

It is not bad to integrate high protein shakes into your diet plan as long as you consult your doctor or nutritionist about the adequate amounts of protein your body needs daily. If you find protein shakes as an expensive way to lose weight, you can always tweak your current diet in order to cater to its protein intake needs.


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