Meet Your Fastest Trainer Thus Far: The 10 Minute Trainer!


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Your 10 Minutes Trainer

The 10 minute trainer is a rapid fire weight loss system featuring fast and intense turbo charged 10-minute work outs for the busy people, developed by the world renowned fitness expert Tony Horton. Compared to the traditional exercise where you need to spend up to an hour to complete your full body exercise, the 10 minute trainer on the other hand uses a technique called super stacking where a synergistic series of moves are stacked to target every major muscle in a 10 minute course. By maximizing every move in a minute it will give an effective full body work out. Package includes:


  • Series of work out dvd
  • Total body dvd
  • Lower body dvd
  • Cardio dvd
  • Yoga flex dvd
  • Easy to follow eating plan
  • Pro-grade resistance bands with comfort flex handles
  • Customized workout calendar
  • On the go work out cards
  • Bonus abs routine
  • 10-day lean jean plan


  • Gives a great work out in just 10 minutes
  • Can uncover your 6-pack abs in lesser time in Bonus Abs routine


  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Effective
  • Only takes a short time of your day to do the whole work out


  • The materials are worth higher than it should be
  • The yoga exercise is not something you want to do
  • Advertisements pops in between the work outs
  • Does not keep you hooked to do the exercise in long terms unless you are determined to do so
  • Is not challenging enough to make lean people’s body bigger (more ripped, more toned)

The 10 minute training pounded the excuse of being busy at work or running a home as the main reason of not being fit. By allotting a total of 14 minutes (2 minutes warm up, 10 minutes main exercise, 2 minutes cooling) of your day every day to work out, you can achieve a lean body you’ve always wanted. This program is a great starter program for those who want to be in shape but without the luxury of time and for people who want to maintain a fit and toned figure. 10 min trainer It isn’t that challenging to make your body more muscular or getting your body more ripped, but it does enough challenge to the body to achieve and maintain being fit and toned. The package also comes with a good easy-to-follow eating plan which is also helpful for anyone who’s serious enough in staying fit. The 10-day lean jean plan works amazing. Comparing with P90x which Tony Horton also developed, this one can be completed in less than 15 min. In P90X, 15 min is not enough to complete its work out routine All in all, the 10 minute training does a great work on your body, making you lean and fit by following the customized work out calendar (doing a total of 14 minutes exercise each day, 6 days a week). It really does make you sweat and get in shape. The 10-minute routines are so compact that you get and feel the result in just 10 days. The choice is all yours.

Watch this Free 10 minutes Trainer Video: just 10 min video


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