Iron Gym – A Great Add-On For Your Upper Body Workout

Iron Gym


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Upper Body Workout using Iron Gym

Iron gym is a multifunction training system for upper body exercises. It has a unique design that allows the equipment to wrap around your door frame and turns your door into a gym in just seconds. The equipment uses leverage to hold it in place -that means you don’t have to screw the iron gym on your door frame every time you want to use it. The iron gym has three different grip positions which are great for your pull up routines. The different grip positions enable you to do wide grip, narrow grips and neutral grips.

  • iron gym is an equipment that enables people to do exercise routines to make the upper body lean and ripped. You can do crunches; chin ups; dips; pull ups; and push-ups effectively with iron gym.


  • You don’t have to buy other equipment with iron gym
  • Easy to assemble. Only takes about 10 minutes max to assemble the iron gym.
  • Easy to put on and off the door frame
  • You can use and bring it everywhere you want just as long as it has the right width for the equipment
  • Allows several different grips compared to ordinary iron bars.
  • You can use the equipment on several work outs
  • High quality


  • Does not fit all types of doors. There are people who find iron gym difficult to install in their house because some doors aren’t fit for it. The door would either be too thick, too wide or walls would get in the way.
  • Is not that versatile to use for push-ups. It only allows you to do parallel push-ups
  • Not that sturdy. You need to be careful and not let it lie around and have you or someone to step on it and might break it.
  • It is not effective dip equipment because it is too low as it only uses partial weight of your body. You wouldn’t be able to get much effort from your weight making it not as effective to use for a dip exercises.

Iron gym is one nice gym that you can place in the comfort of your home, it is easy to assemble; easy to put on your door frame and doesn’t damage it; it is portable, you can take in anywhere with you, even on a trip; and does not take up so much space in your house which is good for people who has small spaces or are minimalist. Iron gym is a great equipment for chin ups, pull ups and push-ups. However, it doesn’t work as well as they claim to be for dips. But generally, it has met what it said it does.

A couple of tips before purchasing iron gym:
1) Measure your door – make sure you have a door that can cater to your iron bar
2) Be careful in buying the equipment. Make sure you buy it from the legal sellers because there are counterfeit products that people can buy online. Counterfeit products do what they best: disappoint people.


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