Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Sweet Potato Over Brown Rice

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Sweet Potato Vs. Brown Rice

Fitness buffs are consuming more complex-carbohydrates because of their capacity to maintain a healthy weight. There are many choices of these carbohydrates so it can be confusing to know the difference. Although these types of foods have the same denominator of having high fiber content, they still have differences with their own nutrient composition. Two of the most popular choices are sweet potato and brown rice. But which one is better? Find out more about their nutrient profile as we give you further details.

The conventional way of eating

Brown rice – brown rice needs to be cooked in a specific amount of water. The usual ratio is 1:1, a cup of rice to a cup of water. The method of cooking is also more complicated since this rice should be boiled gradually over medium fire and so it takes more time to cook it.
Sweet potato – this type of potato only requires water (in any amount) and salt. Boiling it for a few minutes in a covered container lessens the time of cooking. It is not sensitive to temperature, as compared to brown rice, so it can work with either low or medium fire.

The nutrient value

Both of these items are high in fiber and are packed with nutrients. Their way of slowing the digestion process is also an important factor to promote normal metabolism and slow release of energy. The carbohydrate content of these two items is digested slowly and therefore does not cause problems in blood sugar elevation and fat storage.

Carbohydrates, protein and fat – both items contain close amounts of macronutrients so a serving of either rice or potato can give you all the needed nutrients for normal body function.
Vitamins and minerals – Sweet potato has higher Vitamin A content than brown rice. It has been known to many that this type of potato is an excellent source of Vitamin A. This vitamin plays a crucial role in eye health and also contributes an antioxidant effect to the body. In fact, research shows that this vitamin plays more protective role as an antioxidant than being an important nutrient for the eyes. It was found out that 60% of Vitamin A’s work is concentrated in antioxidant activity; the remaining percentage is focused on eye health.

Vitamin C also is found in potatoes but not in rice. Vitamin C is beneficial for healthy immune system, wound healing and energy production. There are proven evidences that one can attain 37% of Vitamin C daily requirement by just eating one piece of potato. Eating three or more potatoes for meals and snacks can actually meet the 100% daily nutrient requirement – a definite way to maintain a strong immune system.

The Verdict

Sweet potatoes and brown rice should not compete when it comes to weight management and healthy living, but nutrient sources of potatoes exceeds brown rice in many ways. If you are one of the people who targets nutrition and health more than weight loss, then opting for sweet potatoes, is a good choice. For weight loss per se, both are good options.


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