Five Easy Tips To Lose Weight By Running

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Lose Weight By Running

You can lose weight by running! That’s not quite a high ordeal, but that’s a simple fact. Some run because they find it a fun with friends or family while some run because they want to shed off some pounds. Running is a vigorous exercise out there and it is also one of the most efficient ways to lose those calories. A person can burn 100 calories per mile when running that’s why people opt to do it instead of cutting the meals. If you’re planning to lose weight by running, here are 5 tips to get you started.

1.  Consult a physician. If this is your first time running, your physician will help determine if you are fit to follow a running routine. Do not be complacent of your seemingly healthy living. If you haven’t run for quite some time, age and flexibility can matter. You might need some stress tests and other medical tests, but they will help you determine if you’re physically and medically able to run. So even before you visit your favorite shoe store, ask your doctor. If you’re good to go, then concentrate in your training program.

2. Follow a training schedule fit for your time and capacity. A training schedule will help you get the right motivation to run and you’ll know exactly what to do every single day. You may or may not hire a personal coach. With so much available facts online, you’ll surely find one that’ll fit your needs. It will always be better to consider yourself you’re on a training than think you’re just trying to lose weight by running. The latter may not necessarily motivate you to run thrice or more in a week.

3. Discipline yourself to the habit of running on a regular basis every week. If you want to lose weight by running, you need to run at least thrice a week. You’ll burn more calories if you run as often as possible. Include perseverance in that discipline. You may feel pain and discomfort especially when you’re starting. As long as they’re not damaging, continue with your training. You know your system better than anyone else thus, you can persevere if the pains are bearable or not. One common pain is a shoulder discomfort. If it’s gone in minutes as you keep your pace, then that’s not quite detrimental. Just see your doctor if you really want to be as certain.

4. Incorporate speed works or interval running to keep your routines challenging. It also boosts your routines to help you lose weight and burn calories faster. Alternate easy runs to intense sessions that work on speed building. You’ll burn more calories in doing intense runs than running at the same tempo over and over again. You can do these speed runs once or twice a week. Give yourself a day to recover from your runs and follow at it again when your body is all rested up.

5. Remember to eat well. Losing weight by running takes a toll on your body and doing it continuously may drain you. Combine your routine with a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Eat foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates and protein to help maintain your energy levels.

Cutting off your meals to lose weight? Possibly, but do it right. If you really want to lose weight by running, never pack yourself up with rice, pasta and fried foods especially right after your run. Your drained body might invite you to get full however you can.


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