Eating Guilt – How to deal with it

eating guilt


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Dealing with Eating Guilt

Oh no! You just ate something filled with sugar and you know it’s horrible for you. You hate feeling guilty, but what do you do about it? Feeling guilty only makes you do more things to feel even more guilty. Things shouldn’t be that way. It’s not good and it’s not right. So, how do you go about dealing with your guilt. Putting away your guilt for good can be done with a little effort.

The very first thing to remember is that it is completely normal to make mistakes. You are going to make mistakes and you’ll probably make more mistakes in the future. Everyone makes mistakes so you are not alone. Even all the athletes, celebrities, and people in great shape make mistakes.

Now you need to accept the mistake for what it is. A mistake. A mistake is something that happened on accident and you didn’t want it to happen in the first place. You also need to realize that it is wrong. There is no need to feel guilty, just realize that it was a mistake and that it was wrong.

You can’t change the past, not even if it was 5 minutes ago. If you ate something already, it’s too late. Feeling bad about it will not change anything. You know what happened and you know it wasn’t good. That’s all you need to know. Feeling horrible about things you can’t change will not get you anywhere. It’s important to practice this part. You just accept what happened and go on. Feeling horrible won’t change a single thing.

Spend some time thinking to yourself what’s really important. Tell yourself that what is happening right now is the most important. The other most important thing is what is happening in the future. Remind yourself to focus on what’s going on now and in the future. These are the only two things that are in your control. You should choose to focus good thoughts on doing things well now. It will help you stop spending time with negative thoughts on things that already happened.

When you do have those feelings of guilt, you can fight back by focusing on the good things. You could feel bad for eating one dessert, or you could feel good for having two good and healthy meals before it. It can be very difficult, but positive thinking is one of the best ways to deal with all those feelings of guilt.


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