Why Running And Strengthening Are Imperative In Losing Weight For Men

Losing Weight For Men

Men and women have different levels of calorie-intake. Aside from consuming more food, men also tend to drink more beers and liquors than women. Alcoholic beverages are notoriously high in calories which can pile up on the different parts of the body. Because of this, losing weight for men can be a difficult feat, but by choosing the right exercise and a sound diet, weight loss should not be too far away.

Running and strengthening are two of the exercises that can aid in losing weight for men, thus they are a must. Running does not only strengthen the muscles on the lower extremities, but it also helps in boosting heart functions. Running alone is also a good way to exercise since you don’t need to have a buddy or any equipment. You only need a good running venue, ideally with varied features such as slopes and hills to further challenge your muscles.

According to Runner’s World, running can help you burn at least 11 calories per minute. If you run regularly, you will see more calories shedding off from your body. Make sure to maximize your running benefits by taking an inclined slope from time to time. If you’re bored with your usual pace and distance, you can take running to a higher level by including interval training, uphill run and sprinting.

Like running, strengthening your core muscles is ideal in losing weight for men. You can do specific strength training exercises for particular core muscles of the body. Lunges and squats are some of the easy exercises for the lower body, while bench presses are good for the upper extremities. You can either lift weights or use your body weight for strengthening.

Strengthening should be a part of your formula to lose weight because it increases your metabolic rate even when at rest. It means you are constantly burning calories even when you’re asleep.

Another vital thing to remember in losing weight is to think of a good diet and exercise as intertwined and non-negotiable variables. In order for a weight loss plan to be successful, men should take note of their daily calorie intake. Since men are more prone to drinking alcohol, they should also be conscious of the calories piling up because of these beverages.

Furthermore, packing on protein, fats and some good carbohydrates must be observed. For starters, having eggs and some bacon before your morning exercise should give you enough energy during the workout. For the rest of the day, you should have ample amounts of fruits, vegetables and more protein to fuel your metabolism.

If you’re one of the guys who tend to eat voraciously, then it’s time to portion your meals. If you get hungry often, try spacing up your meal times with light foods every two to three hours. Be careful and watch your eating habits before they become hard habits to break.

Losing weight for men may be categorically challenging. Some lifestyle habits may need to be eliminated or modified. Some vices may need to be set aside. But if you’re looking for a healthier and better version of yourself in the years to come, you’ll find that these changes are worth doing.


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