The 5 Best Healthy Snack Choices

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Healthy Snack Choices

Trying to eat healthy and snacking never seem to go together. Either you can’t snack at all and end up starving, or you snack all day and never eat a good meal. The truth is that you should eat when you are hungry. It’s better to eat healthy snacks instead of starving or eating something that’s bad for you. You’ll feel better and you won’t have those feelings of regret.

The best healthy snack is a glass of water. A majority of the time you are actually dehydrated and you confuse your thirst for water. Drink a big glass of water and wait for at least 20 minutes. If you’re still hungry, then have a snack. You will be better hydrated and you’ll know if it’s food you really need.

Healthy nuts like pecans, walnuts, cashews, and almonds have healthy fats and protein that will make you feel more full than carb loaded potato chips. Fat has the highest calorie value per gram, but it also makes you feel full quicker so you won’t need as much. Be careful and don’t choose the salted packages. Salt them yourself at home so you control your salt intake and not someone else.

A mini meal can make the best snack choice of all. Protein will make you feel full for a longer amount of time and by having all the components of an actual meal, you can make sure to satisfy your hunger. A small piece of meat with some vegetables will fulfill all the needs of your body and it’ll be a great healthy choice at the same time.

Fruit is one of the most popular snacks, but you can step it up a notch. A piece of fruit with a couple ingredients becomes an amazing appetizer. Melon wrapped with prosciutto, a cooked banana with a drop of honey, and a baked pear with walnuts are just a few of the many ideas that can turn your piece of fruit into a snacking masterpiece. Not only will you enjoy your snack, but you’ll be looking forward to making more great tasting snacks.

Leftovers are only kept when they’re good. If you keep a freezer with leftovers, you will have plenty of options when you really want a snack. You don’t have to worry about what you’ll make, only how long it will take to heat up in the microwave. You could have several different meals and it’s great that they’re already prepared. You just have to push a few buttons and you have a great snack.

Snacking is something that everyone does and the smart thing to do is choose to go about it wisely. These options will help you make smart decisions about your snacking so that you can reach your goals and still eat good.


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