Ten Best Ways To Lose Weight After The Holidays


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Best Ways To Lose Weight

The holidays were the best excuse to indulge in overdrinking and overeating. By the end of the year, you must have noticed the fats would pile up on your abdomen and thighs. The start of the year is typically the best time to start new goals and for most people, losing weight is always one of them. If you need ideas on how to shed the extra weight you gained from the holidays, here are some of the best ways to lose weight.

1. Mentally control your cravings. When your brain tells you you抮e hungry, let 10 minutes pass you by before caving in. Studies reveal that a normal craving lasts for 10 minutes, so set aside the idea of a chocolate cake for a while and do something else. Always find a good excuse to drag yourself out of the kitchen or away from a fast food.
2. Replenish your liquids. Most people mistake hunger for thirst, so drink water first before delving into a piece of steak. Cold water and iced tea are great ways to make you feel fuller so you will have good chances of eating less during a meal.
3. Space up your meal times. Instead of eating three heavy meals, opt for 5-6 light meals a day. This is a great way to boost your metabolism, improve your mood and control your appetite.
4. Setting realistic goals is also one of the best ways to lose weight. Losing a pound or two every week is a good start. Do not aim too high as losing several pounds a week can be dangerous and harmful to your health. You can consult a dietitian how much weight is allowable for you to lose based on your age, height, weight and lifestyle.
5. Boost your fiber intake. Eating fiber is a sure fire way to boost your metabolism and it is also one of the proven and best ways to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables loaded with fiber will help control food cravings and they are good replacements if you want to eat something sweet.
6. Pack your own lunch and snacks. Now that you抮e back to your daily routine, it is best to pack your own lunch and snacks to work. This will help prevent the temptation of eating whatever is available at the canteen. It also teaches you to be more conscious of your food choices.
7. Count your calories. Whenever you eat, count your calories. There are online and mobile phone applications that will help you keep track of calories. So the next time you are offered a chocolate, mentally calculate first if you had enough calories for the day and say no.
8. Look for substitutes. You can substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones. Instead of mayo, ask for a low-calorie dressing on your salad. Replace white bread with brown ones and opt for whole grains. Instead of soda, opt for water. Your choices are limitless as there are almost a low-fat and low-calorie alternative to almost every food.
9. Raid the kitchen. Now that you are set a new goal, you should start with a clean slate. Raid the kitchen and get rid of everything unhealthy that you can find. Take away all the high-calorie, high-sugar, high-salt and preservative-laden foods and replace them with vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean cuts and other healthy foods.
10. Do not skip your exercises. You can start with simple ones like walking, brisk walking and running. To further fuel your metabolism, increase the intensity as you go and incorporate strength training at least thrice a week.

The best ways to lose weight may mean you have to do a lifestyle modification, but if it is good for your health, then it is worth all the bother. Start the year right by eating and exercising right.


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