Seven Reasons Why You should Consider Up Hill Running

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Up Hill Running

The up hill route may seem like a challenging, if not to say daunting, idea. For most runners, up hill running is one of the most difficult things to conquer. It does not provide the ease and comfort of a flat pavement and running improperly can cause injuries. However, if you’d like to take running to a whole new level, up hill running could very well be the right thing for you. Not only does it give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, it also presents several benefits that you can enjoy as a running enthusiast. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider up hill running and keep it in your running regimen from time to time.

1. Up hill running builds muscle endurance. As an intense activity, it demands full use of the major muscles of the body. An inclined slope will demand more resistance and energy, thus you are also building more muscle endurance and stamina. Some of the muscle groups that greatly benefit from up hill training are the hamstrings, the core muscles, calves and quadriceps.

2. Ability to build up the endurance of your cardiovascular system. As your body answers to the demands of running on a hill, your lungs and heart also work just as hard. As a result, your cardiovascular system becomes stronger and more likely able to endure more difficult slopes on your next runs.

3. If you feel like expending more energy but a flat pavement doesn’t give you that venue, then an inclined slope is definitely for you. For each additional one degree of an incline requires four per cent more of your energy.

4. Improves your speed. While the slope may force you to slow down compared to when you’re running on a flat pavement, running up hill will also strengthen majority of the muscles that you need for sprinting. You will find that your speed has improved as you consistently run on inclined slopes.

5. Improve your work efficiency. Most runners train up hills to further take their work out intensity a notch higher. A research conducted by the University of Columbia reveals that 9% more of the muscles is used and being activated in running up hill compared to training on a flat surface.

6. People who want to lose weight may include up hill running in their routines. Researchers found that the amount of calories you burn is doubled when you run up hill than you would run on a treadmill or on a flat ground.

7. Running up hill provides a nice break from the monotonous flat running surfaces. The variation is a good way to feel challenged and not get bored with your running routines.

While the benefits for up hill running are considerable and significant, it is important to incorporate it into your routine gradually. This is especially applicable if you are a new runner or has just started up hill training. Space your up hill running evenly into your running schedule, ideally three to four times a week in order to give your body enough time to recover from the intensity of your run.


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