How Often Can You Use Your Gadgets Outdoors Without Agloves?



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Agloves for outdoor activities

Agloves is a special knitted gloves made to accurately and precisely help you interact with your touch screen device or gadgets (iPad, iPhone, camera and etc.) while staying protected from the cold, which is something you can’t get from a common glove. It comes in a couple of styles and sizes: small/medium, medium/large and extra-large.
What does Agloves have that ordinary gloves don’t? Agloves has real silver in it which helps in controlling or interacting with your device or gadget. Having silver in the gloves makes it sound so expensive but the company who created Agloves made sure they come out affordable.
Why silver? Silver is used in Agloves because it is known to be the most conductive metal that will help in the conduction of your own bioelectricity. By putting the silver in the gloves, it transfers your body’s electrical properties to the glove and then are picked up or detected by your touch screen gadget or device.
What makes Aglove better than its competitors? Agloves allows you to use all your fingers and it is more conductive than other gloves. This is because of the presence of silver all over the gloves, meaning it pulls out bioelectricity not just on the tip of your finger but all throughout your hand.

  • Keeps you protected from the cold while interacting with your touch screen gadget or device (phone, game device, camera, and etc.).
  • More interactive with touch screen device or gadget than any other gloves


  • Soft (all over), does not have hard surface on the tips; 
  • light, stretchy and comfortable to wear
  • Have high quality workmanship
  • Can be machine/hand washed
  • Allows you to use whichever finger you are comfortable to use on your touch screen device or gadget. Compared to another type of glove which only allows one or two fingers (the thumb and pointing finger) to be able to maneuver the touch screen device or gadget. 


  • Not masculine enough to wear because of the glitter effect that the silver flakes do
  • The size is smaller/tighter than the usual size (for some); so choose a larger size if you decide to buy one
  • Does not protect your hand from a much colder temperature

Texting on your touch phone or using any of your touch screen gadget or device is something you wouldn’t want to do when it’s cold. Using your gadgets to monitor your pace, steps, heartbeat, etc., can now be possibly done with Agloves on. You can easily interact with your touch screen device or gadget without having to remove your hand protection from the cold when running, biking, hiking and other outdoor activities. Agloves come in different styles – Sport Touching gloves, Outdoor Research Sensor gloves and many more.
So whether you’re doing hiking or biking or simply sitting or sipping your favorite hot drink, imagine how often will you be using your gadgets outdoors if you’re not on Agloves? Probably never! Perhaps, you’ll look for a warmer and more comfortable area in a café where you can manipulate your gadget without any gloves.
Agloves is probably one of the simplest and most functional inventions in modern times.


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