Eight Reasons Why You Need Fitbit

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Good Reasons for using Fitbit

Fitbit wireless tracker is the new on the go friendly personal trainer. It is a light weight, easy to use and an accurate tracker that aims to encourage and motivate people to mobilize more. By doing so it will help improve their health and change their life. It encourages people to turn daily activities like walking or climbing the stairs and turn it to a fitness activity.
It uses a 3-d accelerometer which accurately helps log how many steps you take, how many stairs you climbed, the distance you travelled, the calories you burned and your activity level. It is a great device to use when you’re exercising, as it accurately measures how much calories you took off. It helps you make the decision on whether to move and burn calories or to keep steady.
1. Helps you keep track your movement activities, monitor how much calories you burned and level of activity you’ve done for the day. This helps you plan out a good activity to do.
2. Also has a sleep tracker, when attached to the wristband it comes with, will track your sleep pattern (how long you sleep, your movement in between sleep, and tracks the quality of sleep you got) which can be a helpful information to promote rest and sleep.
3. Has free online tools and phone app (with no monthly fees) to help you: track your progress, meals and weight ; set activity goals; track calories taken in versus the calories burned
4. Also connects you to myfitnesspal.com (100% free) which helps you access on tools for weight management.
5. It is for everyone. It does not force anyone to go out of their way and do extreme movements and exercises.
6. It does not demand time to finish a routine
7. It does not demand you to purchase any exercise equipment
8. It is tiny, discreet and comfortable which you can wear on your waist, pocket, under your shirt or strap it on your body.
Though Fitbit, just like any other fitness gadgets or machines, has its own turn-offs, the positive details far outweigh their negative counterparts. Here they are:

  • The device is so small that you can easily lose or misplace it. Not good for people who have memory issues.
  • The clip it comes with and the device itself is not sturdy which makes it easy to break off. Some people break it in two months or so depending on where they put it and how much they took care of it.

Fitbit is a great, accurate fitness device that can effectively help you manage your weight, especially if you are preoccupied with work or running a household. It is a great device that could help you assess on how much calories your daily activities have helped you burn. With your assessment, it encourages you to move more to attain and maintain a desired weight. Getting access from a 100% free online tool enables you to manage the right amount of calories to take in and to burn out.
With Fitbit you will be able to achieve your desired weight without demanding you to work out but instead will encourage and motivate you to move in your own time and pace.


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