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Can you Eat Out on the Paleo Diet?

This is one question that you hear all the time. The direct answer is yes you can. You can eat out at many of your favorite restaurants on a Paleo diet and not even have a problem. The tricks you need to know involve getting the right information ahead of time and making good choices.

Knowing what kind of restaurants serve the right food is where to start. You can find something that works for your diet at almost every restaurant, but some are easier than others. If you check out a menu online or in the phonebook ahead of time, you’ll have more time to decide what works for you.

The very best place to go is a steak house. You can get meat, vegetables, and salad at every single one of these restaurants. All you have to do is avoid the rolls or any breads, but with a great meal headed your way, you won’t have to wait very long.

Other great meals you can find are fajitas, grilled fish, and salad bars. All of these will give you plenty of healthy options that will actually get you full so you don’t go home starving. You can find even more choices by looking on the menu and reading the ingredients. Most restaurants don’t have any trouble making special orders if they don’t have something on the menu. Don’t be afraid to ask, you are going to be paying for the meal.

Making good choices at a restaurant can be really difficult if you are really hungry when you get there. A really good idea is to eat something small at home before you go. By eating a little bit, you won’t be very hungry and that makes it much easier to say no to the bad foods. When you’re starving, you just don’t care, so be sure to stop the problem before it ever happens.

There are a couple more tricks to avoiding bad food at restaurants. The first one is to simply tell the waiter to take the bad food away and not bring you any more. If you can’t see the food, then you won’t be tempted to eat it. You can also order a healthy appetizer or small snack as soon as you get there. This helps you eat right and still get to eat while everyone else is snacking.

You can have a good time eating out without having to worry about staying on your diet. By making smart choices, you can still feel great and eat at several of your favorite places.


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