Discipline and Dedication Vital To The Diet Of A Runner

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The Diet Of A Runner

A good diet and proper nutrition are not only essential to how a runner performs but also affect how he or she works and thinks during a race. A good diet plays a vital role in every runner, professional or otherwise.

Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals are important to balance the diet of a runner. Carbohydrates are crucial source of energy. Proteins help repair damaged tissues during a run while vitamins and minerals revitalize cells and bones to keep one healthy. With these in mind, here are some tips and suggestions so your body will realize the entire nutrients it will need.

1. Don’t forget the importance of ‘real food’

Real foods are minimally processed food like fruits, whole wheat and the like that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Some runners rely on energy bars and other processed foods that they sometimes forget the importance of eating fruits, beans and nuts which are truly healthy for the body. Real foods are rightly essential to a diet of a runner at any time of day.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables daily

They have less calories and sugar but are rich in nutrients. It is suggested to eat at least two servings as part of daily meals. Mix vegetables with boiled eggs during breakfast or make a green salad during lunch. Vegetables can also become as side dishes during dinner with steamed fish or chicken. It’s just a matter of mix and match to enjoy the meals but maximizing proper nutrition.

3. Minimize sugar

Carbohydrates is important as it gives the energy fuel of any body. Too much of it though can result to weight loss issues. Choose foods that are high in fiber and low in carb so as to lessen unwanted sugar as a result of too much carb. Sweet potatoes are good, if not the best, source of carbohydrates so far.

4. Take dairy products.

Milk should be a part of every runner’s diet. Animal milk is much preferred. They’re outstanding sources of calcium and protein and can help recovery faster. It also helps to strengthen the immune system which helps fight colds and other common illnesses.

5. Cheat on diet from time to time.

Who said that you should be a perfectionist with regards to diet? You don’t need to follow your diet plan all the time just to break some monotonous acts. In fact, you can indulge on ice cream, chocolate or fries as a reward for strictly following a diet of a runner every week. But of course, depending on how bad you really need to follow a diet, you have to go back and strictly implement that runner’s diet.

You are what you eat and that applies to every runner, including you. A diet of a runner should be taken relatively strictly especially if you, as a runner, are going for competitions. You wouldn’t want to run out of air halfway or be the last man running in certain races. It requires discipline in every meal as there will be a lot of tempting moments especially when confronted with plates of delightful dishes, but with focus and dedication, you should be able to effectively control the foods that you have to avoid and follow the diet you’ve personally set.


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