Bounce Your Calories Out With Pure Fun Mini Trampolines

Fun Mini Trampolines
The pure fun mini trampolines are one of the great tools you can use for burning your calories. Pure Fun has been known as the world’s leading manufacturers of trampolines. They design their product for durability, performance and safety. They offer a wide variety of trampolines from kid’s trampoline to outdoor trampoline sets. Since Pure Fun considers safety as their first priority; it makes pure fun mini trampolines one of the best equipment you can use for your low impact aerobic and cardio workouts.
Product Pros:

  • Fully safety rated
  • Easy to put together, as well as easy to disassemble for easy storage
  • Has 220 pounds capacity
  • Has heavy duty springs
  • Has high quality jumping mats

Product Cons:

  • Less bounce produced compared to other trampolines

Trampoline exercises have gained popularity as almost the fastest way to burn calories and a fun way to get fit and healthy. It helps in building up your coordination and balance, strengthens each bone and muscles in your body and boosts stamina. Trampoline exercises targets your cells (the body’s basic structural and functional unit) resulting to various health benefits.
What else can you do with the trampoline aside from bouncing up and down? There are a variety of exercise routines you can do with trampoline. You can try the following:
1) Stretch – just stretch your body as much as you can as you bounce
2) Elbow and knee touch – As you bounce, get your elbow touch the opposite knee. This routine will work out your abdominal muscles.
3) Arm circling – Move your arms in circle as you bounce. Will do great for your arm muscles.
4) Curl – Aim to curl your body when you are on top, holding your knees together close to your chest.
5) Twist – Twist your abdomen while you bounce, this is one routine which works out your abs
Benefits of trampoline exercise:

  • Strengthens each bone, tissue and muscles in your body
  • Burns calories and increases your metabolism
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Helps normalize your blood pressure
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Enhances your blood circulation
  • Makes you look and feel younger
  • Exercise pros with pure fun mini trampolines:
  • Works out your whole body, every cell, tissue, and organ is being exercised.

Exercise cons with pure fun mini trampolines:

  • The 38 inches and 44 inches mini trampolines aren’t big enough to accommodate a lot of trampoline routines
  • Does not pump up muscles or makes you ripped In doing trampoline exercises, just aim to make your body do various movements against the gravity and let the weight against the gravity do its wonders. What’s good about trampoline exercises is that it lets you move freely and allows you to do different routines you comfortably want to do while achieving the same results. 

And since you will be bouncing a lot in doing a trampoline exercise, accidental falls due to unstable equipment are usually feared the most. Don’t let it happen to you and your family. Make sure to have super stable equipment that can handle your weight and your movements. With Pure Fun mini trampolines, your safety is never compromised while bouncing out those unwanted calories. And the best thing is it’s full of fun!


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