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Weight Loss For Women Over Forty

We are all heard about life begins at 40. For many women, reaching this age means a constant struggle against maintaining a healthy weight especially weight loss. It is easy to say “Don’t bite more than you can chew” but the truth is, metabolism is just one part of the equation. Hormonal and body changes, lifestyle habits and other factors come into play as you reach this age. If you are looking for trimmer shape, here are the best tips on weight loss for women over 40.

One of the ways for weight loss for women over 40 is indeed related to metabolism. The concept should be to consume fewer calories than you can expend. However, your metabolic rate at this age also slows down. You need not only count your calories, but also watch out where these calories are coming from. In order to lose 1 pound per week, you need to eliminate at least 500 calories. And since you now have limitations for caloric intake, make sure that where you get them will do you more good than harm. Furthermore, include a lot of vegetables and fruits into your diet in order to rev up your metabolism.

Another way to burn calories is through physical activities. However, several life changes happen at this age. You might not be as physically active as you once were. You can start by integrating little exercises into your routine. Walking and running are some of the easiest but most efficient exercises that you can do. And if your body has adjusted to these activities, you can gradually insert some strength training as well. Just keep in mind to consult your doctor before doing anything drastic.

Checking if you have thyroid problems may also help in dealing with weight loss for women over 40. Your thyroid glands play an important role in many bodily functions, including weight gain. This is a disorder that’s more common among women who are aging. When left untreated, women over 40 will find is excruciatingly hard to shake off the excess weight. The best thing to do if you suspect you might have thyroid problems is to consult a doctor right away.

Since early menopause begins to set in at this age, several symptoms will begin to show, including poor sleep and sleeping disturbances. Trouble with sleeping patterns can also affect weight gain as it also interferes with your body’s ability to burn fat. Addressing this problem can greatly help in weight loss for women over 40. A study by University of Washington found that doing yoga, meditation and relaxation poses is a great way to balance sleep-wake cycles.

Another problem women over 40 face is disappearing muscles. It is believed that men and women lose 1% of lean muscles annually. This is a sad truth since toned and lean muscles can help you burn several calories. The disappearance of muscles may gradually lead to the occurrence of more body fat. In order to fight this off, exercise and strength-training are key. You can gently lift dumbbells or do push ups from time to time to keep your muscles looking sexier despite the age.

Weight loss for women over 40 is not a lost cause. You can still look fit and trim through making healthy food choices and regular exercises. It is also important to be committed to your weight loss goals so you can enjoy a healthier life for the years ahead.


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