Is 60 Days Insanity Workout Meant For You?

Insanity workout 60 days


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Do you need 60 Days Insanity Workout?

The 60 days insanity workout is an extreme total body conditioning program that pushes you to your limits physically and mentally. It was developed by Shaun T (or Shaun Thompson) who is a known fitness expert. He uses a max interval training that is based on the traditional workout which he turned upside down; making you work out your maximum capacity in every exercise. Traditional workout features a long period of moderate exercise followed by short period of intense effort; while in max interval training, it takes you to do long periods of intense exercise and short periods moderate exercises.
This program is designed to completely change your full body in 60 days, which other exercise programs takes a year or so to do it. You don’t need to purchase any exercise tools as it uses your own body as the tool. You also need dedication and strong will power to complete the program. This program includes: Killer cardio for fat burning exhilaration, Plyometric for explosive lower body power, sports drill for speed and agility, resistance training for upper body definition, and core exercises for a trimming and forming abs.

Benefits of 60 days insanity workout:

  • Gives amazing result
  • Has intense work out programs which helps you get into shape
  • Helps burn up to 100 calories per work out if you push yourself to the limit
  • Helps you get fit and in shape in a short period of time: 60 days
  • Probably has the hardest exercise routine around


  • It has intense and very challenging exercise program, which is good for people who loves challenges
  • Does not require any equipment, because it uses your own body as the tool for the exercise.
  • Does not require lifting heavy weights, because it uses your own body weight.
  • No need to travel to a gym. You can do the program in the comfort of your home.
  • It just takes an hour a day for 60 days to finish the program


  • It is not for everybody. It isn’t for the people who have a weak heart and weak mind. It is only for the people who have strong will power and who badly want to be in shape in a short period of time. This is because of the hard core movements that the program has.
  • Gives stress to the body which some people can’t handle
  • It needs great dedication and will power which makes it hard for some people to keep up.
  • Doesn’t have a rest period interval within the 60 days program

If you are the type of person who badly wants to be lean and firm and loves utmost challenges, then 60 days insanity workout is for you. This program is not like your ordinary exercise program. Even soldiers and fitness instructors who are used to exercise regimens, struggle in the warm up. So before you purchase this program, you need to reflect and ask yourself how bad you want to be fit. It may need you to do extreme exercises with less rest interval, so you’re on for a tough challenge. If you do have the will power and dedication to finish the whole program though, then grab a copy of 60 days insanity workout today.


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